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Our Care Approach

Our Care Approach

As a versed organization, we provide primary care for individuals with acute or chronic condition and needs assistance to manage a variety of tasks, from toileting, brushing, bathing and dressing clients who are frail or disabled. We also perform household tasks such as laundry, washing, dusting, and vacuuming. We provide safe mobility support to help client move around personal and public space. We offer social support by transporting clients to events and activities in addition to medical appointment and shopping trip. We help our client manage medication by going to pharmacy to get medications and administering the medications. We also track behavior to keep our health care specialist well-informed. Our caregivers maintain a clean environment and prepare healthy meals to aid client’s nutritional needs.

We understand that a fundamental part of giving care is being a good communicator with the recipient of the care. Care is given with respect for the dignity of the person receiving it. The caregiver remains in contact with the professional health care provider to help client make decisions about their health and matters affecting their daily life.

We maintain close contact with clients and help to monitor their health in a reasonable way. We take notice of their breathing and notice changes in breathing, we monitor temperature using thermometer, we monitor the level of client’s blood pressure, blood glucose monitoring, and other specific health monitoring. We watch for changes in client’s mental condition, including; becoming unhappy, withdrawn, less interested, confused, or not as healthy as they have been. We keep our clients mentally alert to improve their quality of life by helping them socialize with others, keep friendships, reading to them, entertain conversations, do hobbies and help them enjoy whatever appropriate physical exercise like strolling.

We understand the risk of not having a healthy diet, we ensure clients maintain a healthy diet by giving nutrition suggestions,  monitoring body weight, arranging pleasant meals to meet the client’s food energy & nutritional needs, complying with dietary restrictions, assisting with the use of any dietary supplements and addressing difficulty in swallowing or eating by changing their food texture to a more softer one, making use of special eating equipment and by giving assistance in feeding.


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