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How to Prepare for Homecare

What is homecare?

Homecare is also referred to as domiciliary care, in-home care or social care. It is a supportive care provided in the home for people who want to live in the comfort of their home. Cares are provided by licensed healthcare professionals who provide medical treatment and professional caregivers who provide daily assistance to ensure that daily activities are met. The alternative of homecare is residential care.

What does homecare entails?

Homecare includes a professional support services that allows a person live safely at home. In-home care services help people with special needs to live life comfortably. Our homecare services include; personal assistance like, daily routine stand-by assistance, bathing & showering assistance, personal hygiene assistance, restroom usage assistance, and dressing assistance. We offer companionship like, friendly & supportive conversations, planning and encouraging social activities, light exercise encouragement, discuss current and historical events. Meals preparation, mealtime & feeding assistance, medication administration, mobility assistance, laundry, light housekeeping, sorting mails, errands, shopping, driving clients to appointment or pick up medications and much more.

How much does homecare cost?

Our homecare costs reflect on the quality service we provide. We offer a lot of benefits by giving your loved ones the chance to feel appreciated and well cared for. It also shows families that they do not have to feel alone during this delicate time. When it comes to ANITALIAM’s cost, there’s no single answer because every senior has different needs and requires a different level of care. There are three determining factors that influence our homecare cost:

  • The amount of time for the caregiver visit

  • The number of visits per week

  • The type of care provided

The cost of homecare varies. For more information about costs, contact us today!

Talking about homecare with loved ones

As with any transition in life, moving from independence to assistance can be disheartening. Many seniors find it difficult to give up tasks that they were once able to complete with ease. It is important to talk about it with loved ones in need of support to enable them understand all the options available to them. Be honest with them, let them know that they stand to gain a lot and it is going to make a difference in their quality of life by receiving the utmost care they need to live life comfortably. They will have access to personalized care, daily companionship and support.


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